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BL15 & BL15/S

  • BL15/S (sealed) for applications where moisture is present (as above)
  • BL15 (standard) for dry moisture free conditions
  • Level indication and control
  • Safety cut out for conveyor systems
  • Reliable, long life operation, maintenance free
  • Suitable for granular materials and some powders
  • Various diaphragm materials to suit most environments
  • Overload proof design
  • Simple to install

BL15 & BL15/S

Coote Diaphragm switches are available in standard and sealed versions for reliable and inexpensive sensing of most powders and granular materials in dry bulk storage systems, feed hoppers, chutes and similar equipment.

These are used extensively on conveyers systems in a safety switching mode. When ordering always advise of the product to be handled to ensure correct selection is achieved.


  • Cut a 100mm diameter hole in flat mounting surface.
  • Drill 6 mounting holes for M6 bolts. Attach switch to mounting surface.
  • As the diaphragm effects a surface seal a mounting gasket is not required.
  • BL15/S has a 20mm electrical cable gland entry hole.
  • BL15 has a plain 8mm hole for cable entry.


Robust cast aluminium housing for long life and corrosion resistance.

Nitrile rubber as standard. Other materials are available such as silicone and polyurethane which can handle animal, vegetable or mineral oil, food stuffs and abrasive materials. We also cater for varying temperature ranges.

Factory set for all normal applications ( i.e. typical mounting surfaces and materials). Re-adjustment to meet unusual requirements or if settings have been disturbed is described in separate instruction leaflet.

Operating force
100gms (Approx)

0.5 kg – BL15
0.7 kg – BL15/S

Type – S.P.D.T. Micro switch
Rating – 15AMP 250V /0.3AMP 250V DC
Life – > 3x 10 7 (Operations)

Temperature range
-20°C to +85°C as standard. Other ranges on application depending on diaphragm material and working environment

BL15 – IP43
BL15/S – IP55
BL15/S-IP65 – IP65

BL15 & BL15/S

BL15 & BL15/S


Advice is free - Please ask if uncertain of suitability for intended use