Bag Filling
Machine Specialist

Bulk Bagger

Bags are simply slid onto the gutters by the operator and once the start button is pressed the machine will fill the bag to required weight and stop.

The standard 9ft Sq. Hopper 8 Tonne capacity* (other sizes available) comes with a 26” wide power feeder complete with inverter drives to give 2 variable feed rates for a fastinitial fill and slower “dribble” to give consistent accuracy.

The stainless-steel indicator offers the operator quick and easy adjustment of target weight and the automatic “zero” ensures an accurate reading every time.


  • CSW 20 Stainless Steel digital indicator
  • 4 X 1000 KG Stainless steel loadcells
  • Vibrating motor to prevent “Sticking” of product
  • Single phase or 3 phase supply
  • Hopper fabricated from heavy duty 5mm thick Steel plate
Tonne Bagger

Tonne Bagger

Further Features include:

  • 1.1kw 3 phase drive motor
  • Digital 4ft Sq. scales, heavy duty scale platform complete with bag holding steel gutters (steel pipes also available)
  • Scale platform mounted in a heavy-duty sub frame
  • Control panel featuring “start”, “Stop” and “Inch” buttons to IP65 mounted on a sturdy movable stand

Fill times typically 20 – 30 seconds Depending on material